1. Rights and Respondsibility of students

Everyone at Brendon School (Students, Teachers, Staffs, Parents) must respect and follow to Entitlement and Respondsibility of students

Rights of student conclude:

  • Be respected about body condition and character

  • Freedom of speech in a relevant situation

Respondsibilities of students conclude:

  • Respect teachers, friends and other people

  • Respect properties of others, facilities of school and common living enviroment in school

In order to well perform Rights and Respondsibility of students mentioned above, Brendon Primary School establishes the following rules:

  1. Safety

  • Students follow the specific rules of the teacher during school hours and playground rules.

  • Students play non-dangerous games that be apropriate to their ages

  • Find a teacher immediately if feeling unsafe.

  • Do not climb the corridor railing, window sills

  • Closing door quietly when getting in or out the room

  • Walk on the right and keep silent in the corridor.

  • Queue when moving in class.

  • The school is not responsible for any lost toys or belongings (jewelry and valuables objects are prohibited). Mobile phones must be turned off, kept in schoolbag and used outside the classroom.

  • Money is not allowed to use in school. When participating in the necessary financial planning, the school will make a specific notification to parents.

  • When leaving campus: Students behave as ambassadors of school and comply regulations and anything related to safety security at outdoor excursions and extracurricular activities.

  • In case of bad weather such as rain, storm ... the school will inform the parents and follow the regulations of the Education Department of Thanh Xuan District and Hanoi Department of Education and Training

  1. When going to school

  • Go to school on time.

  • At the end of rest time, quickly enter the classroom and back to the seat following to the bell signal.

  • Wearing uniforms, no slippers to school.

  1. Relationship in the class

  • Treat others the way you want to be treated.

  • Swearing is not allowed.

  • Respect, take care and cooperate with friends.

  • Be polite to adults.

  • Say NO with “bullying”. If “bullying” occurs, talk to the teacher immediately.

  1. Maintain enviroment and common properties

  • Put rubbish in the bin.

  • Eat in the dining room as regulation, do not bring food to the corridor.

  • Use the toilet properly, not use soap and paper to play

  • Protect and take care of trees, toys, equipment of school.

  • Save water.

  • If the student intentionally causes damage to the property of another person or school, the student's family will contribute a part or all of the repair or purchase costs

  1. Notes for Parents

1. Contact, notify to the teachers or the office of school in case the student arrives late or absent

2. The family is responsible for picking up students in case they need to go home.

3. Students should be absent from school for any of the following situations: eye infections, bird flu, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, virus fever, tuberculosis, other infectious diseases ... Where students still come

The school must bring a doctor's certificate of attendance.

4. If the parent asks the teacher to give him or her medication, they must not only call or contact directly with teachers but also write an instruction for use.

5. All belongings should be labeled with names and class names.

6. The teacher only receives calls from family out of class time. In case of emergency, the family can phone the school office for informing.

7. In addition to parent contact directly with the teacher on the student's learning issues

Students, schools use the following information channels to inform parents: email, messages, facebook, notice by posters.

8. The school will notify parents of temporary absences in the following circumstances:

A. For bad weather such as rainstorms, floods ...

B. Holidays, Tet.

C. Internal events.

9. If parents want to organize birthday parties for the class, parents must notify to the teacher before in order that the teacher will arrange in the dining room, not do it in the classroom.