English language program
Brendon is proud to be the first primary school in Hanoi uses Our World textbooks as the official English language program

Our World is a six-level primary series from starter to Level 5. In Brendon, students will study from the lowest level to the highest. Our world inspires and motivates young learners by using entertaining and fascinating information about the real world, supported by National Geographic stories, images and videos. It gives young learners the essential language, skills and knowledge needed to understand their world and community while having fun.

After the success of applying Our World textbook to a model class in 2014-2015 school year, Brendon decided to apply the textbooks to all classes in this school year. This is considered to be a break-through in English subject, which is already Brendon’s strength. The Cengage Publish also organized a private training session on teaching styles and the textbooks’ advantages for Brendon’s International Training department.

WE hope that with our careful preparation and investment in the new textbooks, Brendon’s kids will enjoy the most effective and exciting English classes.