English as a Second Language
We are proud to be the first school in Hanoi applying Our World textbook to the primary teaching curriculum.

We choose Our World Text book (published by Cengage Housing Publisher) for the primary English curriculum because it has significant features that help students Basic English skills as well as other necessary skills such as: critical thinking, method of study, presentation and self – assessment …. By using this textbook, students feel more self-confident in not only communication but also in enjoying other extra curriculum activities. Besides, at the first sign eyes, the knowledge of worldwide will be truly acted in class through impressive photos and pictures (supplying by National Geographic) and reading contents of science, nature and social phenomenon. For every topic, students will be guided to practice English language by many contexts and widen more knowledge relating to the lessons, by this way, students can easily use English for daily life. 

Our World Textbook bases on the assessment scope of English skills for children issued by the University of Cambridge with 3 levels: Starters, Movers and Flyers. Especially, learning and teaching deal with a wide variety of material for students, teachers, and parents like the website, i-Tool …