CEO - MASTER Hoang Tung

Graduated at the University of New South Wales specialized in Business Administration, Australia, Master Hoang Tung has extensive experience in management and operating personnel at educational institutions and international telecommunications.

He was a devoted person to the education of the human personality and cultivates knowledge in a comprehensive and systematic for children. He is working hard to bring Vietnam students a learning environment equivalent to the advanced educational model in the world.


She has been working and studying in the developed countries, been attaching to Marketing for 12 years, including 7 years at the most prestigious International Educational in Vietnam, Ms Linh Giang  is knowledgeable about the children general education field  and aspirations of parents - psychological, developmental needs of young children in particular.

With a job that requires a flexible, dynamic, diversified products, market orientation, Ms Linh Giang has gradually put Brendon Primary School become the second home with warm, loving, self -developing innovative and expressed confidence of each student Brendon.

PRINCIPAL  - Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Loan

With 35 years of seniority in the education sector, including 16 years as a Principal at a prestigious public school in Thanh Xuan District. Ms. Bich Loan has achieved many accomplishments in her capacity as a good teacher and a good manager. She is an important factor in the board executive of Brendon Primary School.

Thanks to the sophistication in the division teachers according to their professional, Ms Loan has helped the teachers, especially young teachers to promote their strength and evoke passionate flame of pedagogy. Not only possesses the experience and skills of professional management, Ms Bich Loan has an innovative thinking, flexibility in the application of innovative teaching methods such as "Hands mold powder", "diagram of thinking" and the application of information technology in teaching and learning activities.

In 2015 – 2016, with her guidance of expertise, Brendon school continues to maintain and has more achievements in teaching and learning.


ADVISORY - Dr. Nguyen Khac Hung

PhD (Dr.) Nguyen Khac Hung is one of the leading experts in the field of administrative management and training methods in Vietnam. Dr. Nguyen Khac Hung trained intensively and systematically in country and abroad: Dr. Administration and Management (University of Manchester - UK); High school training methods for adults (University of Melbourne); Master of Public Administration and Management Development (University of Manchester) ... and participated in many training programs, training in several countries around the world.

(University of Manchester - UK); Graduate about education method for adult (University of Melbourne); Master of Public Administration and Management Development (University of Manchester) ... and participated in many training programs, training in several countries around the world.

Dr. Hung held other important positions in the state agency and training institutions such as the National Academy of Public Administration, Ministry of Interior, Dai Nam University.

Dr. Hung has many valuable studies on governance, public administration reform, published on several prestigious journal in the country and the world and has been published as books.

Mr Hung has a strong connection with the educational system of England. He is part of the DANIDA project, which teaches English for adult in Vietnam.Currently, he is co-operating with the educational organization established People &Organisation elementary curriculum standards in line with the UK and children in Vietnam.


He worked in 50 countries with more than 120 project management and the international community recognized his contribution in advising developing country in the Middle East, Africa, Central America, Caribbean and Southeast Asia.

From 1995, he lived and worked in Vietnam in the role as Director of Organizational Development Association of England and Head of the World Bank Group Development (World Bank). He also engaged in teaching at the University; Write books; Editors of major newspapers such as People, Hanoi Moi; consulted for the departments in many areas such as education, skills training, administrative organization, Business, Health, Finance, Human Resources, Communications, Law, Natural Resources and Environment, Communications, Policy and Reform ...

The international title of Dr. Mel Blunt:

- Founding Member of the Institute of Human Resources Development Royal, UK

- Member of the Association for Development and management education in the UK.

- Member of the Organization Resource Society, UK

- Member of the Policy Institute of the University of Oxford, UK.