Brendon school has two basic missions.

First: The curriculum in the school has mission to provide students the  learning opportunities and success.

Second: The curriculum at the school is responsible for promoting the development of spiritual, moral, social, cultural and prepares students opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.


Brendon school always wants parents have the same idea with the school in the educational perspective, "Do not force your child loves to learn the way you learned, the children are a different generation, was born in another historical moment”.

With the identification of the main vision "today’s students, tomorrow’s leaders ", we operate based on the lodestar:

-  Engage students and teachers in the exchange of meaningful learning projects in the country and over the world.

- Develop communication skills, teamwork, encourages preparation work force and creating a multicultural understanding.

- Prepare for the children to become productive and efficiency citizens in the global economy growing.

We look forward to building a green school, school of peace in Hanoi, because we will only preserve what we love, love what we understand, and understand what they we are taught.

Brendon orientation development:

• 2011: Primary School

• 2015: Secondary school

• 2017: High School