Brendon Primary School: PoMATH application to Primary teaching program for the 1st and the 2nd grades in the incoming school year 2018-2019.

PoMATH stands for ‘Improving Mathematical Thinking with personal Oriented Program for children’. It has been the result of the research and development by Assoc.Prof.,PhD. Chu Cam Tho and her colleagues since 2002.

After a long time study and experience, the Brendon Primary School’s Board has decided to apply PoMATH to the program of Maths teaching for the 1st and the 2ndgrades in the school year 2018-2019.

PoMATH is mainly based on the foundation of experienced learning method. By learning experienced mathematics through educational circumstances, mathematical models, intelligent games and applied activities, students’ interation and mathematical cognition will be formed. Moreover, experienced learning method not only helps students get ability of doing math’s exercises but also experience emotion, willpower and many other psychological states.

In addition, PoMATH methodology also helps students overcome their normal weaknesses (such as overloaded and unscientific learning.etc.); improve their knowledge, support their skills Quick calculation, smart situation handling space geometry association and imagination, etc.); improve creative thinking, structures and logic in Maths.

In terms of long-lasting educational development orientation, the Brendon Primary School’s Board mainly stays focused on developing students’ competence as well as leading them toward positiveness, initiative and creative thinking activities. Therefore, PoMATH is obviously suitable with these criteria.

Recently,  teachers assigned to teach the 1st and the 2nd  grades for the school year 2018-2019 have participated in PoMATH Training Program.


 On 4th August 2018, the Brendon Primary School and Western Hanoi School representatives in coordination with PoMATH Education Development Joint Stock Company, organized a course –ending meeting and presented PoMATH Certificate to teachers.


With the aim of innovating education comprehensively and modernly, as well as helping students get more active. The Brendon Primary School’s Board regularly updates modern and suitable programs that can make students happy and take their interest in lessons and activities.