Hiphop Club
Nowaday hip-hop culture has become a powerful currents in contemporary culture.

The modern beauty of Hiphop culture is becoming “huge wave” that attracts the passion of both young and even the primary students.

Brendon Hiphop club welcomes children all you want express your personality with the rhythm of lively and full of improvisation of the melody Hiphop.

Brendon Hiphop Club welcome our children to show their style in vibrant songs of Hiphop. Brendon child dancers are teached to practice many flexible movements of this subject such as: popping, locking, breaking .... or training collective coordination of funky style.

The members of Hiphop club would regularly appear on the stage in the events of the school as X'mas, Halloween.

The class is opened in 60 minutes every Wednesday.

Tuition: 1.000.000 /course in 2 month (minimum: 7 students)

Exam fee (required): 200.000 /period. There are 2 periods each year in April and December.