Art Club
Art is an important subject that help improve process of receiving and controlling information and images faster, so parents should encourage children to learn drawing regularly. This subject can help child stimulate observational skill and make them become more sensible with everything in their life.

Many researches demonstrated that drawing was an intellecture activity.

Children can show their thoughts, imagination and observations around the world by painting them on paper. Therefore, drawing regularly will help them stimulate ability to observe everything, raise awareness, improve vision, promote their skills and imagination… All of these will encourage the development of brain and help child become more intelligent.

Furthermore, drawing also has 7 following advantages:

  1. Training memory
  2. Improving observational skill
  3. Raising ability of imagining
  4. Making child feel more comfortable
  5. Good for the activities of brain
  6. The process of painting helps child’s thought grow multidimensional
  7. The painting is which shows us child’s emotions.

Participation in Art club at Brendon Primary School:

  • Helping student get use to art

  • Showing how to aware of beauty

  • Learning to draw with watercolor or wax color, design clay molding pictures, get familiar with installation art…

Basic course is in the afternoon of Friday.

Tuition of basic course: 1.000.000 VND/course in 2 months

Advance course is  in the afternoon of every Thursday

Tuition of advance course: 1.000.000 VND/course in 2 months

Products for learning: 500.000 VND/term (included picnic cost)